A Little Bit About  My Family
This is me at 8 1/2 months.
Little Cristian does not want to die.
My father, Octavian Peri
My mother, Olga Dumitrescu
      I have been fighting stage IV colon cancer since December 2005. I underwent abdominal surgery in 2005 and thoracic and abdominal surgery in 2007.
My brother, Viorel, told me to look at these pictures because they have healing power. I should also have faith that I will get well as I did every time I was ill as a child. At this time in my life I need help in order to be able to continue my treatments.
Either I defeat my disease or it will defeat me. After two years I am still alive, hoping to continue my fight and live.
It seems that my disease is gone. I have two more cycles of chemotherapy to undergo. I hope that at the end of this period I will receive a clean bill of health that will last for many years to come.
My mother, my brother Viorel, and I
My brother, Viorel, and I in our garden.
My sister, Cristiana, in a national costume.
My sister, Cristiana
Cristiana, at what age...?
My sister, Cristiana, exhibiting her artwork.
My mother, Viorel, and I
My brother, Viorel,  and I in 1995